House Commission

Article I. Purpose

The purpose and intent of this Commission is to safeguard the heritage of the Smith-Harris House of the Town of East Lyme by preserving and restoring this historical site as a local history museum for the education, welfare and pleasure of the citizens of East Lyme and the general public.

Article II. Duties of the Smith-Harris Commission

Section 1.    The Commission shall be charged with the control, development, management, restoration and repair of the Smith-Harris House historic land site.

Section 2.    The Commission is authorized to enter into agreements for the use of the property, and to set reasonable fees for its use.

Section 3.  The Commission shall present an annual budget and submit an annual report to the Board of Finance when requested.

Article III. Meetings

Section 1.  Excepting unforeseen circumstances, regular meetings of the Smith-Harris House Commission shall be held the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Section 2.  Special meetings of the Commission may be held at the call of the Chairman or by written request of any Commission member with twenty-four hour prior posted notice.

Section 3.  A quorum shall consist of four members.  A smaller number than a quorum may adjourn a regular meeting to a time and place which they deem advisable.  Four concurring votes shall be required for the transaction of business.

Section 4.  All requests, applications, petitions and reports from other agencies or the public intended for consideration shall be addressed to the Commission and delivered or mailed to the Chairman of the Smith-Harris House Commission.

Article IV. Officers

Section 1.  The elected officers shall be a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Corresponding Secretary and Financial Officer.

Section 2.  The officers shall be elected annually at the regular January meeting by nominations from the floor with consent of the nominee.  Elections shall be directed by the ex-officio officer or a designee and be determined by majority vote.

Section 3.  The Chairman shall be the spokesman for the Commission.  The Chairman shall preside at all meetings, appoint committees, prepare an agenda of all meetings, and prepare an annual budget in consultation with the Commission or other such persons as necessary.

Section 4.  The Vice-Chairman shall perform the duties of the Chairman in the event of the absence of the Chairman, resignation, or the inability to perform his or her duties.

Section 5.  The Corresponding Secretary shall take care of all the correspondence of the Commission.

Section 6.  The Financial Officer shall give a financial report at each meeting and keep a record of all purchase orders and receipts, all purchase orders to the finance office, and shall receive receipts for all purchase orders approved by the Commission.

Section 7.  The officers shall not serve more than two consecutive years in the same office.

Article V. Amendments

These rules may be amended or any rule suspended at a regular or special meeting of the Commission, after one week prior notification.