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House Commission

The purpose and intent of this Commission is to safeguard the heritage of the Smith-Harris House of the Town of East Lyme by preserving and restoring this historical site as a local history museum for the education, welfare and pleasure of the citizens of East Lyme and the general public.

Duties of the Smith-Harris Commission

The Commission shall be charged with the control, development, management, restoration and repair of the Smith-Harris House historic land site.

The Commission is authorized to enter into agreements for the use of the property, and to set reasonable fees for its use.


Excepting unforeseen circumstances, regular meetings of the Smith-Harris House Commission shall be held the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Special meetings of the Commission may be held at the call of the Chairman or by written request of any Commission member with twenty-four hour prior posted notice.

Smith Harris House

The Smith-Harris House is located at 33 Society Road in the Niantic section of East Lyme.

House Commission


Duties of the Smith-Harris Commission

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